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Nucsafe Catalog

Nucsafe is dedicated to providing the most reliable and highest performance scientific instruments to the nuclear safeguards industry and to law enforcement and federal agencies tasked with protecting public security and the common good.

Careers At Nucsafe

Nucsafe is a leading edge, technology driven company headquartered in Oak Ridge, TN with a manufacturing factory in Corbin, KY. Founded on four core values innovation, commitment, integrity and quality, Nucsafe is experiencing growth and diversification.

Our Product Divisions

Radiation Detection

Nucsafe manufactures Vehicle/Container portals, Pedestrain portals, and luggage/package portals for detection and identification of gamma and neutron radiation. Nucsafe systems are designed to meet the ANSI, ASTM and IAEA performance standards, depending on customers requirements. However, if a customer has a special request, Nucsafe will design systems around thier specific requirements.

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Backscatter Radiography

Nucsafe is proud to offer its latest line of backscatter x-ray imaging (SXI) products for your NDI applications. Our SXI products combine Nucsafe’s field proven smart sensor technology and the innovative, patented “Radiography by Selective Detection” backscatter x-ray techniques developed at the University of Florida for the space shuttle’s 2005 return to flight in reliable commercially available SXI systems

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