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Our Mission

Nucsafe is dedicated to providing the most reliable and highest performance scientific instruments to the nuclear safeguards industry and to law enforcement and federal agencies tasked with protecting public security and the common good. We pledge to support our customers by providing compelling solutions, reliable products and superior service and support. We endeavor to constantly improve our products with innovative solutions at competitive pricing.

Company Profile

Since 1999, Nucsafe has been focused on nuclear security markets including border, port security, mobile and aerial monitoring and specialized portable applications. Nucsafe manufactures radiation measurement systems for the nuclear safeguards industry, law enforcement and federal agencies tasked with providing nuclear safety and protecting public security. The company has grown to more than 60 employees in the last 6 years including technical and professional staff with decades of experience in commercial nuclear instrumentation and gamma spectroscopy.

With respect to commercial production capability, Nucsafe Instruments Inc., located in Corbin, KY, is a 12,000 square foot manufacturing plant with an additional 7500 square feet of warehouse space. ISO certification is in place and both facilities are duly registered. We have a proven production capacity of 30 systems per month and a current manufacturing capacity to produce 100 systems per month.

The Company has developed advanced commercial production systems with innovative, extensible, modular designs using open architecture principles and industry standard hardware and software protocols such as RS-485, Bluetooth, 802.11 and TCP/IP.

Nucsafe’s fixed continuous radiation monitoring systems (CRMS) products offer freight, vehicle, container, train, bus, conveyor and passenger radiation monitoring platforms sensitive to both gamma and neutron radiation. They are well suited for use at border crossings, ports of entry, airports, critical infrastructure protection and nuclear facilities.

Nucsafe’s mobile systems utilize innovations in design, weight reduction, waterproofing, environmental hardiness and flexibility make Nucsafe’s family of mobile / transportable radiation monitoring systems (TRMS) products the best choice for land, sea and air applications.

Nucsafe’s portable products include portable battery operated briefcase / backpack / wearable radiation search tool (PRST) systems for man-portable requirements. Nucsafe also offers integrated handheld radionuclide identifier devices (RID) to complete the package of radiation monitors required for homeland security programs.

Nucsafe is one of the few companies that have true commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) production quality products. Nucsafe has delivered more mobile, marine and portable systems than any other commercial manufacturer. Nucsafe bring all of the technical, program management, deployment, production, training, service and support capabilities that can support lifecycle requirements.

Nucsafe has met the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Illicit Trafficking Radiation Assessment Program (ITRAP) in 2000 and the Unconventional Nuclear Warfare Defence Program in 2003. Nucsafe systems have also been evaluated for compliance by numerous third party evaluators including Programme Cyclamen in the UK and the newly issued ANSI standards and ASP requirements for radiation detection instrumentation to be purchased by the U.S. Governmental agencies.


All Nucsafe systems are manufactured in the USA, in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 compliant processes. Nucsafe’s manufacturing facility also is in compliance with both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Map to Offices

Click on the address below to get directions to our Oak Ridge Turnpike office.
Finance, administration, sales, marketing, R&D and our science group is at this location.

601 Oak Ridge Turnpike
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

Click on the address below to get directions to our Corbin Kentucky manufacturing facility.

103 West 23rd Street
Corbin, KY 40701