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This section of our website is provided to familiarize the reader with issues related to our applications and technologies. A section of useful information on radiation basics, radiation risks, radiation counting, detectors, electronics, alarms and statistics can be found in our Useful Information area.

This area also contains links to information about our fiber manufacturing facility, patents and trademarks, licensing and other technical information. Nucsafe has and is in the process of developing and licensing advanced radiation detection and processing technologies.

Neutron-Sensitive Glass Fiber Detectors

Nucsafe utilizes proven neutron and gamma ray detection technologies in the manufacture of radiation measurements systems for nuclear and radiation security applications. Nucsafe offers low and medium resolution scintillators for gamma ray detection including PVT, NaI(Tl), BGO, CsI and La Halide detectors. For neutron detection, we offer both 3He gas proportional and 6Li scintillating glass fiber detectors. The solid state glass fiber detectors are provided under an exclusive license from the DOE and are one of our core technologies. Learn more about the neutron sensitive glass fiber technology.

Generation 4 (Gen4) System Architecture

Nucsafe introduced it third generation architecture in 2005. It provides a compelling and revolutionary design to system configuration that provides many direct client benefits and allows Nucsafe to quickly produce mission specific products for our Government clients. The basis of the architecture is the design of our smart sensors. Each radiation detector and other system functions such as GPS, displays, battery packs are integrated with associated electronics that result in a smart device capable of bi-directional digital communication to the world. The integrated electronics means there are no external high voltage cables, low level signal cables or external electronics. This results in a sensor that is self-contained, rugged, insensitive to electromagnetic radiation, negligible in emissions and capable of sending its own state of health data. The electronics are all miniaturized surface mount designs with 100% digital signal processing electronics. Using serial and Ethernet communication protocols, each sensor is connected and polled many times per second.

Threat Matrix

The threat matrix is a patent pending development that allows our clients to add intelligent rules to analyze data from any smart sensor or any other sensor or instrument  input to our system. Using the threat matrix, it is possible to classify an alarm as a threat or non-threat. For example, we can use the optical character recognition data from the automated license plate identification cameras to match the information to a database of suspected vehicles and then generate an alarm if there is a match. The treat matrix can help to significantly reduce nuisance alarms by applying appropriate rules to the radiation sensor data

Advanced Alarm Algorithms

Information about Nucsafe’s alarm calculations and methods are available to our clients.